Boozyshop Unboxing

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I have another Boozyshop unboxing for you guys. This time I ordered 3 eyeshadow palettes (1 was actually out of stock so I got a coupon for my next purchase) and a foundation I heard a bunch of good things about so let’s get this party started. This time my present [...]


What’s in my everyday makeup bag

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I recently changed the products in my everyday makeup bag and thought: ‘hey why not make a post about this’. So here I am writing a post about it. The makeup bag is from Forever 21 and was gifted to me by my best friend. It’s in a pretty teal colour [...]

My February favourites

Hello, hello, beautiful people, March has arrived so it’s time for my February favourites. This time I only stuck to beauty because one, I didn’t really have a bunch of fashion favourites and two, my blog is more makeup and beauty related so I don’t want to go of subject and stick to beauty. So [...]

Aliexpress Unboxing

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I recently ordered some stuff from the website Aliexpress. This site is basically the Chinese E-bay. I love it! You can buy a bunch of different products from a bunch of different buyers. Now, you do need to be careful who you buy from, some sellers cannot be trusted and sometimes [...]