Primark Makeup Review

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I recently took a trip to the Primark store in Hasselt. I had seen on their Instagram that they were stepping up their makeup game. So in passing, I saw the large amount of makeup they were selling and thought to myself: I could do a review. I have used Primark … Continue reading Primark Makeup Review


My February favourites

Hello, hello, beautiful people, March has arrived so it’s time for my February favourites. This time I only stuck to beauty because one, I didn’t really have a bunch of fashion favourites and two, my blog is more makeup and beauty related so I don’t want to go of subject and stick to beauty. So … Continue reading My February favourites

My Birthday Makeup

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I celebrated my 23th Birthday this Wednesday (March 1st) and the night before I went out to celebrate with some friends and I thought, hey this could be a blogpost. So here I am. I went really natural this time. Nothing to overboard, no winged liner or lashes just natural and … Continue reading My Birthday Makeup

How I clean my brushes and sponges

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I thought today was the best day to show you guys how I clean my brushes and sponges/beauty blender. I had everything ready to clean them so why not take pictures and make a blog post about it. So before further ado, let’s get to cleaning! These are all the things … Continue reading How I clean my brushes and sponges