Boozyshop Unboxing

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I have another Boozyshop unboxing for you guys. This time I ordered 3 eyeshadow palettes (1 was actually out of stock so I got a coupon for my next purchase) and a foundation I heard a bunch of good things about so let’s get this party started. This time my present … Continue reading Boozyshop Unboxing


Aliexpress Unboxing

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I recently ordered some stuff from the website Aliexpress. This site is basically the Chinese E-bay. I love it! You can buy a bunch of different products from a bunch of different buyers. Now, you do need to be careful who you buy from, some sellers cannot be trusted and sometimes … Continue reading Aliexpress Unboxing

New Catrice Cosmetics Products Review

Hello, hello, beautiful people. When I found out Catrice was coming up with new products, I could barely hold my excitement. The minute the new products got in store, I went to check them out. I did not pick up every new product they are selling, only the products I felt had to be tested … Continue reading New Catrice Cosmetics Products Review Unboxing

Hello, hello, beautiful people, I recently ordered a package from the web shop This has been one of my favourite online stores when it comes to makeup and beauty. They have lots of brands to choose from and have regular sales and have great shipping deals. They actually gave me a card, saying thank … Continue reading Unboxing

January NYX Cosmetics Collective Haul

Hello, hello, you beautiful people. I have a beauty haul in store for you today, more specifically of a brand named NYX. Since the NYX Store opened here in Antwerp, about a month ago, I’ve been obsessed with the products they’ve been selling. You could say I’ve visited the store about once a week since … Continue reading January NYX Cosmetics Collective Haul