My May Favourites

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I have another monthly favourites for you guys. This one will contain some fashion, hair and makeup favourites so before this intro gets too long, let’s jump into it.

Starting off with all the fashion bits, I have quite a few so let’s start with the t-shirts. The first shirt is from JBC, it’s grey and has a bunch of French words on there like pourquoi, amour, bisous,… and it has a pug on it which makes the shirt so cute.

The next on is a T I got on Facts in April and it’s from the brand Gilden Softstyle. It has the two Winchester brothers on it. If you don’t know them, they are from a TV show called Supernatural, which is one of my favourites and I couldn’t resist picking up this shirt they looks so cute in their mug shots.

The only dress in here is a sweater dress from Forever 21, this has been my go to dress. I can pair this up with a cool jacket or blazer, with sneakers or knee-high boots or heels, with a big necklace or big bracelets. Because it’s so simple plain black, it’s really easy to wear and it’s pretty thick so appropriate for winter, fall and spring if you have colder weather like we do here in Belgium.

Next up my is my beige Bomber Jacket from Primark. This was so cheap but I mostly bought it because it’s thick and the colour wasn’t something I’d seen before. Most bombers in stores like H&M and Bershka where in the colours army green, wine red, black, pink and sometimes white. So this colour looked perfect to me. It’s light but still goes with everything. I’m still very surprised on how cheap but how good this jacket it.

Next up is my favourite cropped sweater from Pull & Bear. It’s an extremely soft material, it’s warm, it’s thick, it’s a soft old pink colour, it has a hood and most importantly, it says Mermaid Squad. I love it.

Last up in the clothing section is this round scarf I got from Primark. This colour is so weird to me, sometimes it looks grey, sometimes it looks like a pale blue. I love that it’s round so I don’t have the issue that it falls of my neck. It’s the perfect spring scarf because the material is really thin and the colour is pretty pale. Normally I find pastel colours don’t suit me but this scarf I love.

Let’s get into the hair products. First up are three scrunches I got from Primark. Normally I don’t like scrunches but these looked so cute. One is white, one is beige and one is a dark brown but most importantly they all have a glitter thread in them which makes them sparkly.

Next up are two dry shampoos. The first one is by Syoss and is actually empty, that’s how much I love it. The smell of it is amazing, it smells very fresh and citrusy. It doesn’t leave any white powder on your hair and it give a bunch of volume and really helps when your hair is oily. The other one is from the drugstore brand Kruidvat and it’s a volume dry shampoo. The smell of this one reminds me of hairdresser products, it’s very perfumed almost like hairspray. It does work wonderfully and if it does spray white powder, it’s easy to blend out of your hair.

Now let’s finally get into the makeup goodies. First up are some tools. I bought two new Essence brushes. One for the brows and one eyeliner brush. The brow brush is the one in the blue packaging, it’s angled and very dense. Because it’s so thin, you can draw out perfect brow hairs with it. I’ve been loving this brush for my brows, this is the only reason why I’ve gotten back into brow powders. The eyeliner brush is another fine angled brush and I had heard a lot of good thing about this so when trying it I fell for it. It draws out a perfect sharp winged liner and it’s easy to hold. I love this brush. Last up for the tools is a makeup sponge, another fake beauty blender but an amazing one. First of all, I love black makeup sponges, secondly when cleaning this puppy I already expected great things, this grew so much when held under water, I was shocked. It’s also very soft and blends out foundation perfectly without absorbing too much product. The only bad thing I can say about it, is that the tip of it is a bit too big to go under the eyes but that’s easily fixed by using my fingers.

Next up is the Essence Instant Matt Make-up Setting Spray. This is amazing. I had heard good things about this but it still surprised me. First of all, it’s not only a setting spray, it’s also a primer spray. This actually did make my makeup last longer, especially on my cheeks. It also left my face matt after spraying it just like it says. It also says it’s lightweight and I can’t disagree. I honestly didn’t feel it after spraying it, not when used as a primer or as a setting spray. I am obsessed with this spray, I’ve been using it every day.


Let’s get into some eyeshadows. I said to myself I wanted to try most of the new My Must Haves Single Eyeshadows form Essence so I’m going to try to buy one every time I step into my drugstore. This time I bought the shade 04 Brownie‘licious. This is a dark brown matt shade and it’s awesome. It’s matt but still pigmented, easy to blend and really gorgeous and dark, just like I wanted it to be. So Essence celebrated their birthday by coming out with some confetti filled empty refill palettes and some different shades of eyeshadows, lip creams and lip powders called Live.Laugh.Celebrate! I bought four of the shades, two eyeshadows and I later discovered, two lip powders. The first two shades are the eyeshadows. The first one is called 01 Best Friends are Forever. It’s a beautiful shimmery inner corner highlight shade. It has white and pink glitters in it and looks absolutely beautiful. The second eyeshadow is called 05 T.G.I.F. This is a light brown matt shade. It’s not as pigmented but still gives a different colour than my skin tone. It’s perfect as a transition/blending shade for the crease. Like I said, there are two lip powders in this palette as well, I honestly used them as eyeshadows until I had to write this post and realised they were lip powders. Personally, I don’t like lip powders so I didn’t try them out on my lips but as eyeshadows they are amazing! The first shade is a bright pink and is called 02 Everybody Dance Now! This is so extremely pigmented and matt! I love this so much. If you are looking for a bright pink powder I do very much recommend this one. The last one is called 01 Crush on You. This is again matt and very pigmented. It’s a lovely dark plum shade which is perfect of the outer corner of the eyes.

I also got a new face palette from Revolution it’s called the Ultra Professional Blush Palette in Golden Sugar. In my opinion, it holds 5 highlighters, 3 for fair skin and 2 for dark skin tones and it has 2 pink shimmery blushes and a warm matt contour shade. I love each and every one of these shades. The highlighters for dark skin I used as eyeshadows and they are very pigmented and beautiful all the other highlighters look really good on my skin, I love them. The blushes are a bit to shimmery for me but I have used them and they look gorgeous as eyeshadow or blush. The contour shade is more like a warm toned bronzer for me, it is dark but it’s not too pigmented so I can still use it for my skin tone. I love this palette because it has everything you need for not only face but also eyeshadows.

That’s it for this one, I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions, tips or tricks, let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading and until the next one.

Lots of love,




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