Holy Grail Lip product Tag

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I am one of those people who loves to read tag blog posts and watch tag videos. I think they are so funny and you can get to know a person so well through these. So I wanted to do one. I went to google and looked up a bunch of them until I found the Holy Grail Lipstick Tag. This is basically a tag where you mention a few of your favourite lipsticks in the categories red, nude, dark and bright. Now I changed up this tag and called it the lip product tag because I added my favourite lip liner and gloss to go with the lipstick and also added the colour pink to the categories. To be honest, I have a lot of lipsticks and lip products they are an addiction so that’s why I came up with a more expanded tag. I’m not only going to mention the products name but I’m also going to ad pictures of it, a hand/arm swatch and a lips watch. So without further ado, let’s get to it.

Starting off with the colour red. I chose the Catrice Ultimate Colour 350 MATTador, which has been in my collection for a long time. I’m not a big fan of red lipstick because I find it’s not a great colour on me but this lipstick is perfect. It’s matt and has a bit more blue/purple in the shade which makes it more a cold toned red then a warm one which matches my skin tone better.When I want to go more simple with my look and just apply a winged liner, I like to apply this lipstick. Simple but classic. I paired this lipstick with an Essence Lipliner in the shade 14 Femme Fatale. This one is a bit warmer toned but still perfect for underneath the lipstick. I love these lip liners from Essence because they have cute packaging, are inexpensive, long lasting, pigmented, creamy, smooth and matt. What more do you want from a lip liner, am I right?! I don’t like using a gloss with a red lip, I find this a tat too much so no lip gloss for this one.

Moving on to the nude shade. I chose 2 lipsticks, the first one is a Nyx Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in the shade 03 Embellishment. I’ve written about this one more than once. This has been my go to lipstick when looking for a nude. It’s very cold toned and more purple looking but that’s why I like it.






For normal lipstick I went with a Catrice on again but this time in the shade 240 Hey Nude… this one is more pinkish and for some people it might make you look washed out. It’s a very smooth and easy to apply lipstick and I’ve been using this for a long time. I love using it with my favourite nude lip liner from Essence called 11 In The Nude. This one is a bit more warm toned then the lipstick but again it’s matt and looks perfect when topped with the lipstick. The lipstick adds more shine to it and more UMPH if you ask me. To top off the lipstick I love to use the Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect in the shade 06 Soft Nude. I love this gloss, it smells and tastes like flan. The applicator is perfect, not too big or too small. It applies beautifully, it’s creamy and matt, just perfect.


Now for the dark shade. This was the easiest of all of them. I’ve repurchased this lipstick and liner already 3 times because I love them so much. I am talking about the Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick in the shade 070 Plum & Base. This is so long lasting and matt. The only thing that might be wrong with it, is the fact that it feels really drying on the lips. But apart from that, it’s awesome. I use this with the Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipliner in the shade 040 Love The Way You Plum. This is again very matt and very drying. It’s not as creamy as I’d like it to be but I still love the combination of these two. I can apply it in the morning at 8 a.m. and still have it looking perfect by noon at 13 p.m. Now I did choose a gloss to go with these babies but I don’t use it to often. I find it handy to carry with me throughout the day because after eating and drinking the lipstick does come off a bit and applying the gloss over it gives it a refreshed look. It’s the Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lipglosse in the shade 10 Pretty Witty.


Let’s get into the pink shade now. This was again pretty easy because I don’t own that many pink lipsticks, liners or glosses. I went for the Catrice Ultimate Colour in the shade 210 Pinkadilly Circus. This is again very creamy and lovely but the colour is gorgeous. It’s such a bright pink. I like to wear this without blush because it’s that bright. I have used it as a cream blush as well and it works perfectly. I like to use another Essence Lipliner with it in the shade 12 Wish Me A Rose. It’s a lovely rose pink and again smooth and matt. Topped with the lipstick it looks gorgeous. I love using a gloss with this lipstick, more specifically the Gosh Volume Lip Shine in the shade 03 Tea Rose. This one smells like candy and is so long lasting, I am obsessed with it. Because the lipstick is so bright, I like to top it with a more neutral gloss and this one is perfect for it. They go so well together.

Last up is the category bright. This was again very easy for me. I chose an NYC lipstick in the shade 405 Blue Rose. This has purple, blue and pink colours in it, it’s just perfect. It applies very easily, it’s extremely creamy but it bleeds easily, so I like to apply the Catrice Longlasting Lip Pencil in the shade 060 The Perfect Pinkini underneath. This one is matt an very long lasting and makes sure the lipstick doesn’t bleed into fine lines. To top it off I love to use the Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in the shade 07 Big Night Out. This one is very metallic and give the lipstick an even brighter finish. I love this combination.

That’s it for this one, I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions, tips or tricks, let me know in the comment. Thank you for reading, have a great day and until the next one.

Lots of love,



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