My go to smoky eye look/tutorial

Hello, hello, beautiful people,


Today I have another treat for you guys: my easy go-to quick smoky eye. Smokey eyes is probably one of the hardest eye looks to create. It acquires the art of the right amount of blending. I came up with a look that is quick and easy and only requires a little bit of blending so let’s get started.


I started off with a black eyeshadow crayon from H&M(1). You can use any kind of cream eyeshadow or creamy kohl pencil, just something that won’t budge throughout the day. I applied a line on my eyelid and blended it out with my finger. I set it with a matt black eyeshadow(2) from H&M as well. You can use any shade you want, shimmery or matt but I like a matt look. I made sure all the edges were blended before I went into the crease. I used my Morphe 350W palette for this.

I started with a light brown shade(3) and applied it all over the crease. Than did the same thing with a darker shade(4). I used a really dark brown(5) on the outer part of the lid and crease and gave my eyelid a better shape. I went over the lid with the matt black shade to make sure it was as black as I wanted it to be.

I made sure everything in the crease was blended and I used a makeup wipe to give the look a sharper edge. I went in with a matt cream shade(7) as a brow highlighter anda shimmery golden(8) colour as my inner corner highlighter. To UMPH up the look, I used a golden glitter shade(6) from the same palette on my lid and applied it with my finger. I then did my foundation and the rest of my face makeup. I find it important to do this after u did your eyes in case of fall out. You don’t want to go out with panda eyes so always do your foundation after your smoky eye.

I used the same black crayon on my water line and blended this out with a brush and my finger. I applied a black kohl pencil from essence on my lash line and drew out a wing but smoked it out a bit with a pencil brush.I applied some Benefit mascara on bottom and top lashes and the look was done.

I recommend making the rest of your face neutral. Don’t go to heavy with the contour and blush and don’t use a vibrant red as lip shade. Go nude, your eyes are meant to be the guest of honour so don’t try to outshine them.

That’s it for this one, short, quick and simple. If you have any questions, tips or tricks, let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading and until the next one.

Lots of love,



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