My April Favourites

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

So April is over. May is happening and April 2017 has flown by so fast. It’s only the first week of May and I can’t wait for sunny weather and cocktails but first, let’s get into my April favourites.

Starting off with my new phone case. I got this from Aliexpress. I ordered it on the 14th and it arrived on the 24th. I’ve never had an Aliexpress package arrive that fast. I was literally shocked when this package arrived. The case fits perfectly around my phone. It’s flexible so easy to take off as well. The mirror effect is really cute and most importantly, it’s pink. You can order it in silver and gold but I have a gold phone so I thought if I buy the pink one, it will look like rose gold and it does. I am absolutely in love with this case. All the holes are at the right spots. It has a thing that protects my headphone plugin and my charger plugin. There’s plastic on my volume and start button but they don’t make it difficult to press them in. So everything works perfectly and looks cute.

Next up are these Crazy Lenses in the colour Eclipse. These I bought on Facts. This was the second time I visited facts and the second time I bought lenses there. I love these lenses. You can find them in different colours, all really cool and vibrant. They work perfectly and are beautiful. On Facts you can usually get them for 15 Euros instead of 20 so that’s why I buy them there. I love the colour of these with the black and the yellow. I think you can even wear them for a black light party/event. They are comfortable, easy to put in and to remove and look awesome. I haven’t used them in a look just yet but I am planning to.

Moving on to an eye cream. This one is from Benefit, called It’s Potent! You can tell that it’s a sample size. I got this in the Benefit Advent Calendar and I’ve been using it ever since. I absolutely love the packaging, it’s so cute. The cream is gone now but it worked really well. It helped hydrating my eyelids and inner eye corner so much. It also didn’t smell bad or anything like that. I really liked this one and I might buy the full size.

These two eyeliners I used in my Phoenix makeup. I love both so much. I hear a lot about the Vivid Bright Liquid Eyeliners of Nyx and I knew I needed one in yellow for my Phoenix look so I went straight to Nyx and got this. This is so vibrant and matt. It looks really pretty, it’s easy to apply and remove and it’s really bright from colour. I plan on buying lots more of this eyeliner in all the colours Nyx sells because this liner is amazing. The white liner is from Essence. It’s a felt tip pen, my favourite. I was really surprised how pigmented this one is. I also thought it would feel chalky but it actually feels really soft and looks matt. You can also layer it if you feel it’s not pigmented enough. The felt tip makes it really easy to apply and it lasts for a pretty long time.

Last up are three highlighters. I’ve been having a small highlight obsession and these three are to blame. Starting off with an oldy but goldy: the Catrice Kaviar Gauche Clair De Lune Highlighter. This one was limited edition but so good. It is a pink highlighter but I love those. It contains a lot of glitter but I don’t mind it because it also contains a lot of pigmentation. I love using this highlighter on special day events. If the light hits it, it looks so pretty. Not like I’ve been running marathons and I’ve been sweating all over the place. It gives that subtle, pretty highlight every girl needs. The second one is also a limited edition one from Catrice, but this one they are still selling and it really reminded me of the previous one. It’s the Catrice Marina Hoermanseder Highlighting Pearls. These are not as pigmented as the previous one, or contain the same amount of glitter but it still looks gorgeous. I use this on a daily basis. It’s very natural and subtle looking and has cold and warm tones in it. I use it with a thin fan brush and it applies beautifully and looks stunning. The last highlighter I’ve been using mostly for going out. This one pops! This one is stunning! It’s the Nyx

Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder in Snow Rose. This one is probably my favourite highlighter of all time. This needs one swipe and it’s showing. I like to apply a bunch of this on my cheekbones. That way, the moon can see me shine so bright. It has a pink/purple glitter in it and when hit with the right lighting it almost looks like glittery snow. I cannot get enough of this highlighter. I can’t wait to try out all the other shades Nyx sells.

That’s it for this one. Short but sweet. I hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions, tips or tricks, let me now in the comments. Thank you for reading and until the next one.

Lots of love,



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