Phoenix inspired makeup look

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Today’s look was inspired by a phoenix. I’ve wanted to do a look like this for a long time but wasn’t sure how to start. I made a couple of face charts ‘till I was happy with the result and the next day I started the makeup look. To be honest, I’m not completely convinced about this look. It reminds me of a Pokémon called Moltres (a flame Pokémon) so I guess you can say it was inspired by him. I don’t want to make this intro too long so let’s jump into it. I mostly used this colourful eyeshadow palette from Aliexpress. If you want a link for this, let me know. I could have used the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette but I used that for my sunset makeup look and I wanted to use a more affordable palette. I know there’s a lot of controversy about Aliexpress makeup but I am very happy with this palette. The pigmentation of these shadows are amazing and they are all matt so this palette is perfect.

I started off with priming my crease, brow bone and temple area with my Essence 2in1 eyeshadow & primer(1) and set that with the Essence 25 All Or Nutting single eyeshadow(2) (this was taken from their line but they have a similar shade in their My Must Haves Eyeshadows). I used the light orange shade (3) to draw out the shape of the eye. I wanted my eyes to look like wings so that’s the shape I went for. I applied this colour in my crease, than made the shape and made sure it connected with my lower lash line.

I used a brighter orange(4) to make sure the colour was as orange as it could get. I used a red shade (5) to deepen out the outer part of the wing shape. I then used an H&M eyeshadow in In The Red(6) to darken the outer corner of the wing shape. I used yellow grease paint from my Kryolan Supra Color Make-up Palette to shape out the cut crease on the eyelid and I set this using my Nyx STFU single eyeshadow which is a matt yellow shade.

Once I had the shape of both eyes right I went in with foundation. I wanted my face base to be matt so I used a mixture of the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage foundation in the shade 010 Light Beige with the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in the shade 100 Ivory. These mixed together gave me a more tan colour which I also wanted. I applied this over face, neck and chest. Because the coverage was pretty good I just used a Catrice Light-Reflecting concealer in the shade 005 Light Nude as an under eye concealer and I baked with my Catrice Loose Translucent Powder and set the rest of my face, neck and chest with the Essence Get Picture Ready Powder in the shade 10 Selfie Finish.

Once all of that was set, I went into my eyebrows. I painted them yellow using a Nyx Vivid Brigths Liquid Liner in the shade Vivid Halo. This surprisingly worked really well. I then used three Kryolan Aquacolors to draw out the lines that made it look like wings. This tied the whole look together. I’m not happy with these lines because I used the wrong brush so they are pretty thick. I recommend using a very small eyeliner brush. I went in with the smallest paint brush I could find but it wasn’t small enough so my lines are a bit too thick. I started off with the yellow aquapaint.




This I applied above the yellow liner we used to colour in my brows. I made sure to flick out my brush so the lines looked a bit more like feathers. I did the same thing with the orange paint but went a bit above the previous yellow and with the red paint I went a bit above the orange. I also used an Essence White Eyeliner Pen to add more contrast in between the colours. To have a bit extra UMPH I added some glitter. I used the Nyx Glitter adhesive and made little dots using the back of my paint brush and then applied gold and red glitter with a sponge applicator on the glue dots. The glitter I got from a craft store called Action. This is not made for makeup purposes but it does work.




Going back to the eyes, I used the Nyx yellow liner to draw out lines from the outer part of my eyelid to, again make some feather looking lines. I used the same technique as with my brows. Using the aqua paints to draw out lines that look like feathers. Starting with yellow and gradually going into red. I also used the red paint as eyeliner. I shaped the outer corner in a wing and the inner corner in a sharp point. I used it on bottom and upper lash line. I used the orange paint underneath on the lower lash line and gave the wing some feather shapes by making small strokes to the outside. I applied the yellow underneath that to give it more life. And I went back in with the glitter glue to make the same dots on the outer part of the winged eyeshadow shape. I used the Benefit They’re Real mascara on my top lashes and applied Catrice’s Lash Fibres on top. I used the Maybelline Lash Sensational glitter mascara on bottom lashes. I applied some matt cream coloured eyeshadow from Essence on my brow bone and the Nyx yellow eyeshadow underneath my bottom lash line to tie the look together. I applied Action lashes with some Duo lash adhesive.

For contouring I used the same eyeshadows from the Aliexpress palette. I used the light orange (1) as my bronzer applying it all over face, neck and chest. I deepened up that colour with the bright orange (2). I really contoured using the light red (3) on the hollows of my cheeks, temples, sides of my nose, middle of my cupids bow, dent in my chin, to shape out my collarbones and neck. I deepened that shade up with the darkest red of the palette (4). For blush I used the Essence Blush Up in the shade 10 Heat Wave(5). I mostly used the orange from this palette. As highlighter I used a light gold shimmery eyeshadow(6) from the MUA Poptastic eyeshadow palette. I applied this on the middle of my forehead, cheekbones, nose bridge, cupids bow, middle of my chin, collarbones and shoulders.

For lips I used an Essence lip liner in the shade 14 Femme Fatale. To top that I used Freedom Makeup Pro Lipstick Red 106 Fever. I applied the same gold and red glitter on top. Using the yellow in the inner part of my lips and the red on the outer. This stayed on surprisingly well but I do recommend using the Nyx glitter adhesive if you’re going to wear this look out.

That’s it for this one. I hope you liked it, if you recreate this look or have any questions or tips, let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading and until the next one.

Lots of love,




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