Quick Festival Graphic Eyeliner Look/Tutorial

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

This weekend the festival Coachella is happening and I had seen a bunch of festival looks so I wanted to do one of my own. I had a bunch of ideas but I also wanted it to be quick and easy so I decided to go with a graphic eyeliner look. I find these pretty easy, because making mistakes in this look can lead to beautiful work without you even trying to be perfect. I also used some tape to make the perfect wing. This works every time and it’s so easy. You just need to make sure the tape is placed evenly on each eye and you’ll create a perfect wing on both. I went for two different looks. The first one is the easiest but the least extravagant one in my opinion. This one I made for those people who never or almost never wear makeup or eyeliner. The second one is more dramatic. I did my eyebrows as well because it makes it easier for me to see where my eyeliner has to go. You can add lashes, glitter, rhinestones, bold lips,… to both looks. I didn’t because I wanted the eyeliner to be really visible so let’s stop talking and start doing.

Starting off with the “calmer” version: I started off placing the tape on both eyes, making sure it was even. I applied an eyeshadow base and skin toned eyeshadow to set it. This gave me a flawless eyelid without all my veins being visible. I used a Nyx Liquid Sued Lipstick in the shade 01 Stone Fox on an angled brush from Essence to make my wing. I decided I wanted this one to end on the middle of my eyelid and I drew out the rest with a white felt eyeliner from Essence. I used the grey liquid lipstick to draw out a line above my crease in the inner part of my eye and went back in with the Essence Eyeliner Pen in 02 White to extend the crease line and give it a wing shape. In my tear duct, I made a white triangle with the Essence liner. I tight lined the grey liner with a grey Kajal Pencil from Essence and the white part with a white Kajal Pencil. I used that same white on my waterline and on my bottom lash line.



Going into the more dramatic look: I used the Essence Cushion Eyeliner on an angled brush from Action to draw out my wing. This time I drew it out to the inner corner and made my inner corner look more like a cat eye. I used the Nyx Glitter Adhesive to draw out a wing shape in my crease using an angled brush again. I applied some black glitter over it. If you want this look to stand out even more, I recommend using a bright coloured glitter and maybe even more of it. I liked the thickness so I moved on to the bottom lash line. I used the Essence Liquid Ink liner to draw a straight line under my wing. In the inner corner of my eye, I followed my lower lash line and drew a line that crisscrossed with the line from the upper liner. I then lined my bottom lash line with it but made a small mistake that looked like a lash so decided to draw some more of those lines underneath creating the look of lashes. This last step made me fall in love with this eye. I’d definitely would recreate this for any festival maybe using some brighter liners and glitters. It looks really edgy and reminds me of Cleopatra, who I love.

That’s it for this one. Short but simple in my opinion. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. If you have any questions, recommendations, requests, tips or tricks, let me now. Until the next one.

Lots of love.



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