March Favourites

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

Happy April! A new month has begun so it’s time for last month’s favourites. I picked out a bunch of beauty products so let’s get into it.

Starting off with my favourite palette. I recently got back into my Urban Decay Naked palette. I’ve been using it every day. It’s so versatile, you can go natural or smokey or from day to night. It’s just a really easy palette. Mine is fake. When buying it, I didn’t know but when I saw a real one in real life I realised mine was as fake as they come. I had used it so much before figuring out it was fake, so it honestly didn’t bother me. Yes, I would love the real one, I bet it’s more pigmented and creamier but I don’t believe all the bad rep that comes with buying a fake product. I’m not proud of having a fake but I’m also not completely bothered with it because I’ve used it so much. All the shades are natural and buildable in pigmentation so I don’t see it as an Urban Decay Naked palette, I see it as a natural eyeshadow palette. Trust me, I still want the real one, one day!

I also picked out my favourite fake lashes. This box is from Aliexpress. It holds 10 pairs of lashes and it cost me under 2 euros. Yes, it took a while to get here and they are a bit long but they still rock. They have a see-through/invisible band, their shape is nice and round, they look natural, are easy to cut and easy to apply. I don’t use this more than once, they are throw-away lashes but for their price, I really don’t mind. I really recommend these. If you want a link for them, just ask in the comments.

Next up, some Essence products. Starting off with this rainbow highlighter. I already spoke about this one in a previous post (New Essence Products Review). This is just a really pretty highlighter and very cute for spring and summer time.

This contouring palette is from the Essence The Little X-mas Factory special edition line. I had this one laying around and tried it out and liked it. The contour shade is not too orange. It is quite light but buildable. The highlighter has a lot of glitter in it but still gives that beautiful highlight I like. This is definitely a product for fair skin types. Just because all these shades are extremely light. They are also very easy to blend which you need for a contour shade. It is limited edition but I know Essence sells a similar palette like this so if you want to try it, I recommend that palette.

Then 2 eye pencils. The first one is a Kajal Pencil. These are the cheapest Essence sells. This shade is called 21 Feel The Eclipse and it’s a very pretty dark blue shade. These pencils are very smooth and creamy and apply very well. I love the colour of this one, in some light it looks really dark, almost black, but in others you can see the subtle dark blue. It’s really pretty. The second pencil is a Longlasting Eye Pencil in the shade 12 I Have A Green. I honestly don’t love green eyeliners but this one I do. It’s really glittery and shimmery. It’s a dark cold green, which is perfect for me. I don’t like warm greens but this one is perfect. It’s again, very smooth and applies really easy. I feel this one stays on a bit better than the Kajal Pencil. This is also a retractable pencil which makes it easy to use. I mean, what’s not to love about these.

The last Essence product is this lipstick. It’s a Velvet Matt one in the shade 23. The colour is a rosy nude, which I love. It’s a my-lips-but-better shade. Not too much pink, not too orange, the perfect nude. It’s matt and stays on pretty well. I love the black packaging and the touch of colour. This way you can tell what colour the lipstick has. I’ve been using this one a lot if I’m going for a more cold look.

Moving on to some Catrice products. I recently picked up a new brow gel because I ran out of my previous one. I went for the Catrice Lash//Brow Designer. It should shape and condition your lashes and brows. I only use it for brows. I tried it on my lashes once but didn’t feel like it did much. I love this gel. It makes my eyebrows stay in shape all day and the applicator is really easy to use.

I have two lip products from Catrice. The first one is a limited edition one from the line Neo-Natured. I love the packaging of this one. The wooden feel of it is so cute. The shade is called NUDEtral Nature. It’s a warm nude with a bit of orange in it. I love to use this one if I’m going for a warm look and I want a natural colour lip, this is perfect for it.



The second on is a Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick Intense in the shade 040 Rose Your Voice!. If you’ve read some of my posts before, you’ll know I love the rose nude shades in lipsticks and liners. This is that same shade. Originally I thought this would be a liquid lipstick but it’s more like a lip gloss. It’s pretty sheer but it’s perfect to layer on top of a rosy lip liner. The smell and taste of it is also very sweet and enjoyable. If you lick your lips unintentionally you won’t get this disgusting taste in your mouth. Instead, it’s this really sweet, almost candy taste.

Next up, a Nyx product. I love Nyx so I couldn’t go a month without liking something from their brand. This is a single eyeshadow in the shade Pixie. It’s really pretty. You can use it as a highlighter all over your face (yes, I’ve done that) or as a lid colour (which is my go to everyday look). I really love the glittery/shimmery look it gives but it’s still a nude shade wearable for during the day.

This H&M Eye Colour-To-Go pencil is amazing. I actually forgot about this one. I was looking for a specific eyeliner when I bumped into this one and realize: ‘hey, I haven’t actually used you’. This pencil is really creamy. You can use it as a cream eyeshadow, an eyeshadow base or as an eyeliner. It’s a three in one. I’ve used all methods and love it most as a base. I have really oily eyelids so if I don’t set cream shadows, they’ll crease. It’s a pretty plump/purple shade and perfect for people with green eyes.

For blush, I’ve been obsessing over Benefit’s Dandelion blush. It’s a very subtle matt pink blush. It looks natural on me and it’s very buildable in pigment. I like the packaging, it’s a sample so perfect to travel with. It’s cute, pretty, natural, subtle, pink, cold and matt. Everything I want in a blush.

Last makeup item is one by MUA (Makeup Academy). It’s an liquid highlighter in the shade Oyster. It’s a pretty pink shade with silver shimmers. It’s amazing. This gives me an amazing glow. I don’t recommend using this over powder but underneath, it’s gorgeous. When I apply this, I know I’ll be shining to the moon and back. It’s amazing. I also love the amount you get in the packaging and how easy it is to apply. I love this highlighter.

Last two products are beauty related but not makeup. The first one is a Skin Repair Oil. I’ve been using this for my acne scars and it’s been helping me a lot. I’ve been using it every night and if I’m going for a makeup less day, I’ll use it as well. It is an oil so you need to be careful with it but once worked in, it does some magic. I’ve been using this for maybe 2 months and I’m finally seeing results. I’m not saying it makes your scars disappear overnight but they are gradually leaving which is what I wanted. The very last product is a perfume. I already spoke about this in my What I Got For My Birthday post. This perfume I got from a friend. It’s a travel size bottle and it smells amazing. I’ve been bringing this with me everywhere.

That’s it for this one. I hope you enjoyed and if you have some similar favourites, let me know. Thank you for reading and until the next one.

Lots of love,



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