Sunset inspired makeup look/tutorial

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

Because of the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in Belgium, I felt really inspired to do a makeup look. I knew I wanted to use some yellows and oranges, thinking I could do a Phoenix inspired look with lots of glitter but the end result is more a sunset kind of look with a lot less glitter then planned. I’m really happy with the result because I really didn’t prepare anything, no face chart, nothing. I basically used my Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette on eyes, face and lips so you could almost call it a one palette look. But without further ado, let’s get started.

I started out with my eyes, because I wanted them to be my main focus and this way, I could build around that colour scheme. I started off with an eye base from Catrice and my usual setting eyeshadow from Essence in the shade 25 All Or Nutting. I then used the shade Calavera (1) from the Full Spectrum palette all over my eyelid and went over it with a NYX eyeshadow in the shade HS60 STFU(2) using a dampened brush to make sure the yellow would stand out. I used the shade Jones(3) from the same palette in my crease as a transition shade and on the inner and outer parts of my eye. I wanted to go for a halo eye, which means the middle of the lid is light and bright and the inner and outer part of the eyelid are darker. Doing the same thing with the shade Seize(4) from that palette and after that I darkened it up some more with the shade Warning(5). I also used a bit of the shade Alchemy(6) in the outer and inner part of my eye but not in the crease. I made sure everything was blended very nicely and in-between shades I kept applying the yellow, making sure it would still be visible and vibrant. I then used an H&M eyeshadow in the shade In The Red(7) to darken up inner and outer corner and the crease as well. Applied the yellow one more time and blended everything. I used a mixture of Bump(8) from the Full Spectrum palette and a Catrice eyeshadow called 010 Jon Snow’s Favourite(9) as a brow bone highlighter.

I also used the yellow Nyx shade in my crease to blend everything together. I used a mixture of 2 golden shades from the MUA palette called Poptastic(10 +11) and Goldmine(12) from the Full Spectrum palette as an inner corner highlight. This added a pop of gold and more glitter to the look.


Once I was happy with the eyeshadow I moved on to foundation. I used a mixture of three Catrice Products: the 24h Made To Stay Make Up in the shade 005 Ivory Beige, the HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in the shade 010 Light Beige and the Lightening Drops. I applied this with a dampened sponge and concealed my under eyes with the Nyx HD Concealer in the shade Fair. I set everything using the Catrice Translucent Powder with the same sponge.


For my eyebrows I used two pencils. Starting off with the darkest one from Essence, which I used on the tail and the middle of my brow. Then I used a lighter one from Catrice in the shade 020 Date With Ashton on the beginning and mixed in with the dark in the middle. To set everything I used the Catrice Clear Brow Gel.



I then went back to my eyes. I wanted the same halo effect on my under eye so I used the same colours in the same order to achieve the same halo result. I drew out a wing with the Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen and filled it in completely with the Essence Cushion Eyeliner. I decided I was missing some glitter so I used an Elf Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Copper in my inner corner and on the yellow part of my under eye. I also missed a bit of gold so I used an Essence golden liner to outline the wing part of my liner. I curled my lashes and used Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I glued on a pair of Action lashes using Duo Lash Adhesive.

Moving on to the face: I used the shade Jones(1) from the Full Spectrum palette to contour. I used it to carve out my cheekbones, my jawline, my nose, temples and forehead. I went over all those spots with the shade Seize(2) and to make it a bit darker, I did the same thing with the shade Warning(3). I used the shade Paranoia(4) as a blush on my cheeks and Goldmine(5) as Highlighter on cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and above my eyebrows. I wanted my highlight to pop more so I went in with my DIY Candy Corn Highlighter(6) to make sure it did. I set my whole face with the Essence Setting Spray, which is really refreshing.

For lips, I outlined my lips with the Essence Lip Liner in the shade 14 Femme Fatale and used a Liquid Lipstick from the brand MeNow (Aliexpress) in an orange shade. I set the lipstick using the shade Jones from the Full spectrum palette all over and the shade Goldmine on the middle of my lips.

That’s it for this one. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed and until the next one.

Lots of love



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