Primark Makeup Review

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I recently took a trip to the Primark store in Hasselt. I had seen on their Instagram that they were stepping up their makeup game. So in passing, I saw the large amount of makeup they were selling and thought to myself: I could do a review. I have used Primark makeup products before but this time I wanted to go for a full face using only Primark products post. Once home, I realised I couldn’t go for that but I still wanted to do a review. To be honest, I went for the cheapest products I could find and spend around 20 euros in total on these pieces. So let’s get to it.

I’m going to start with the product I was most excited about: the Ultimate Face Sculpting Palette. At first I had a contouring palette, a highlighter palette, a brow pencil and an eyeshadow palette in my basket until I saw this one. This palette contains all of those things. It contains 3 brow powders, 2 contour shades, 2 highlight shades and 6 eyeshadows. And this was way cheaper than buying all separate products. On the packaging it explains which colour you can use on which part of your face. This is pretty handy for people who are just starting out with makeup and the price helps with that as well.

Let’s begin with the brow powders. There are 3 shades: one light (for blondes), one warm light brown and one dark brown (brunettes). The warm shade I don’t use because it’s a bit too warm for my brows but you can easily use it as an eyeshadow. The light and dark colour I like to mix and use. The dark shade on the outer part of the brow, the mixture on the middle part and the light shade on the inner part. I am in love with these brow powders. They are better than my everyday brow product. They are very pigmented and not to powdery and crumbly. These really surprised me because they are amazing.




As you can probably tell, the contour and highlight shades aren’t as pigmented as the brow powders but I still like them. The light contour is a cold colour which is perfect for my skin tone. I don’t love a very warm contour, I like a cold one and a warm bronzer on top. And that’s what this palette gives you. The bronze shade is warm but not too pigmented so very buildable just like the contour shade. I say go buy this if you’re still not sure how to contour or which shades to use. When it comes to the highlight shades, I have some mixed feelings. The yellow powder is actually really yellow. I thought it would be something like a banana powder but far from. I tried using this under my eyes but it just gave me this weird yellow look I really didn’t like. The shimmery highlight shade is great for people who like a subtle highlight and a bit of shimmer. Me on the other hand, I like to glow and this doesn’t do that for me sadly. But again, great shades for beginners.

Then the eyeshadows. These surprised me as well. When swatching they were very crumbly and powdery so I felt some disappointment but when applying to the eye, they actually did a pretty good job. I used all the shades to make a pink/purple smokey eye and it turned out beautifully. All the shades are buildable in pigment, the highlighters are glowing and the matt shade is actual matt and pigmented. Since buying it, I’ve used these shadows a lot. I’ve created a bunch of looks, natural, nude, shimmery, smokey. These shades are so versatile, I’ve fallen in love. Yes there’s fall out but if you do your eye makeup before your face makeup, you’ll be fine. Again, these were very surprising and work pretty well for the price I payed.



Next up, something really disappointing: a foundation stick. I already have a Primark foundation stick in the shade Dark which I use for cream contouring. I really like it so when I saw they still had them and realised this is the cheapest foundation Primark sells, I picked up the lightest shade I could find an bought it. Now, before I continue, you must know every single makeup product you can find in Primark is plastic sealed. They do have some testers but not every product has one. That was the case with this stick so when opening it up, the shade was orange. It’s called Ivory but this is way too dark and just orange af. When swatching I saw these little crumbs or bumps (I don’t know what to call them). I don’t know if this is normal or if the product is out of date but it freaked me out, that’s for sure. Because this was far from my shade and I didn’t know what was going on with the product, I didn’t try it on my face. I did try to blend it on my arm but the product is very hard to blend with a brush or a sponge. What it comes down to: I really don’t recommend this product. I do still recommend getting a darker shade for cream contouring but just check the shade and product before buying and don’t act stupid like me.

The concealer I got is a different story, this one I actually like. It’s from the same line, it’s a concealer stick in the same shade, Ivory. From the swatch you can tell that this was a way better match for my skin tone then the foundation. It’s very creamy and light, just perfect. It’s easy to blend with brush or sponge and easy to apply. I really liked this even for the under eyes. I recommend this one.

Moving on to eyeliner. As I’ve already mentioned, all the makeup products are plastic wrapped also this eyeliner. It says it’s an PS… Pro Longwear Graphic Liner. This was the cheapest one I could find so I just went with it not knowing the truth. When home, I opened it up and there it was: an old school marker tip. I hadn’t seen these in a while. It’s like I did a time jump. I realised what a mistake I had made but I couldn’t fix it so I just went with it thinking: ‘okay you used to have one of these. You sucked at making a wing with it but who knows, maybe this guy will be friendly and work.’ Wrong again. From the first swatch I already knew I wasn’t going to like this. The colour is not as black as I like it and the applicator is just something I can’t work with. I tried using some tape to get the sharpest wing but it still wouldn’t work. It didn’t apply evenly at all. This is a big thumbs down.

Picking out a mascara was a hard job. At first I couldn’t find them and once I did, I had to choose from a bunch. At first I couldn’t find the price of any but there was one that had a price tag on and that’s the one I picked up. It’s in the shade Brown but I honestly realised that after using it and taking pictures of it. It really doesn’t look brown at all. It’s been a long time since a mascara made me happy and I didn’t expect a Primark mascara would but it did. The stopper worked (thank god!), it separated and coated my lashes really good. This is all I ask from a mascara so yeah this one is a keeper. It’s not volumizing like it says on the packaging but hey, it works that’s good enough for me.




I also picked up some false lashes. These are the pairs I always pick up from Primark, they are so good! They are the Natural Primark lashes. They come with glue which works pretty good. They are nice and fluttery and look so pretty when on. Even though they are called Natural, they don’t look like that on my lashes. But let’s be honest, my lashes are like mini spider legs so I’m not a good example. If you have voluminous long lashes, these are going to look natural on you, no doubt. I love these. Always have, always will.


Last makeup product is a lip product. When I saw these I got really excited. Primark has a lot of lip products but I went for a liquid lipstick. This is one of the hardest products to make, this and a normal matt one. This guy is amazing. The colour is a dark rosy nude, which is my favourite. The applicator is not too big or to small. You do need to use 2 layers because the first one always applies a little on even and sheer. It dries matt and completely which makes the product very drying for your lips which is not the best thing but I’m in love with the colour and this product surprised me. This one is a thumbs up for sure! They also had a bunch of different shades in this one but I’ve always heard good things about primark lip products.

I also got some false nails. I love getting these from Primark. They are extremely cheap but very pretty. Primark sells so many of them, it was hard to choose but I went with matt ones because it’s hard to make them look natural. I have used false nails of them before and they stay on for a good week or two so the glue is really good. If you need some false nails for one night, I do recommend getting them from Primark. They sell pretty designs and good quality for a cheap price.


I quickly wanted to mention: I did try out one of Primarks beauty sponges but I really, really disliked it. I threw it away right and forgot to take pictures. I actually got very disappointed because I heard so many good things about there brushes and sponges but sadly it wasn’t ment to be.

That’s it for this one. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and until the next one.

Lots of love,



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