Kryolan Calendar 2016 Inspired Makeup Look

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I recently took down my calendar of 2016 because, hello 2017! It was a calendar from the brand Kryolan. I looked through it and found some makeup looks I wanted to recreate in my own way. Now I was really surprised on how well it looks like the original look but it was definitely not my intention. I didn’t use any Kryolan products but achieved almost the same result as they did. This look is from the month May and I was immediately intrigued by it. It did take me a long time to stick on all the glitter and diamonds and what not but I managed to pull it off. I don’t want to make this intro to long so let’s jump into it.

I started off with covering up my eyebrows. My normal eyebrows are really big and hairy so if I skipped this step, I probably would have pulled out half of my eyebrow. I just used a normal Pritt glue stick, went over it with some concealer from NYX and set it with some Essence Get Picture Ready face powder. I honestly believe this is why the glue came off so easily and why my creation looks so similar to the original. If I would have skipped this step, my eyebrows would have peaked through and the look would have been ruined.


I applied my 2B Primer. This is just a face primer that’s really sticky and makes my makeup last all day. The brand isn’t well known and I don’t have a lot of their products but this primer I recommend for anybody who’s looking for a sticky primer that makes your makeup last. For foundation I used a mixture of the Catrice All Matt Plus in the shade 010 Light Beige (sadly, they discontinued this product), the Rimmel Stay Matte in the shade 100 Ivory and the Catrice Prime and Fine Lightening drops. I wanted to create a really matt look, that’s why I used two matt foundations. For concealing, I went in with my regular concealers, no surprise there: the Nyx HD concealer in the shade 02 Fair for blemishes and the Catrice Light-Reflection concealer in the shade 005 Light Nude for my under eyes. To set everything, I used Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt and a bit of the Essence Get Picture Ready powder.

For contouring I went in with this really cheap Shape & Blush Palette. I got this from the store Action a while back and realized it was untouched. I tried it out and was really surprised. The pigmentation is pretty good. The only thing I wasn’t convinced about was the highlighter I didn’t love the pigmentation of those. The contour shades are really good. I only used the lighter one because the dark one, was a bit too dark for my skin tone. I also went in with an Essence Silky Touch Blush in the shade 60 Life’s a Cherry. Which, as you can probably tell, has been through a lot (I dropped it) and used to be very pigmented but since I fixed it, the pigmentation hasn’t been as strong as before, that’s why I also used the third blush from the palette. I also used the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder in the shade 010 Light Infusion. This is one of my favourite highlighters ever. It’s really subtle but still gives a nice glow.


Moving on to eyes, the belle of the ball. I primed my lids with an H&M White Eye Pen. This shade is really metallic but it’s really creamy and perfect for when you need a shade to be really pigmented.

I then used the shade Bump(1) from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette all over my eyelid to set the primer. Next, I used the shade Hatter(2) from that same palette in my outer eye corner and in my crease.

As a transition shade in the crease from Essence The Velvets 07(3) (You Better Mauve! I applied this in my crease and over the brow bone. To deepen up the crease I used Essence The Velvets 06 Mr. Mocca-bean(4). I still felt it wasn’t dark enough so I used a matt black from the MUA Undress Me Too palette called Corrupt(5). The eyeliner from the original look is a blue purple colour which I don’t have as an eyeliner. So I decided to use the shade Minx(6) from the Full Spectrum Urban Decay palette. I just wet my brush, went in the shade and applied, which it did very smoothly. I then used the Hatter shade from the same palette underneath my eyes to give a more rounded shape to the look and used a Nyx Hot Singles Eyeshadow in the shade 60 STFU(7) underneath my eyes as well to give more contrast to the look.

On my waterline and tight line I used a 2B Eyeliner in the shade 03 Dark Blue. I curled my lashes and used Essence Lash Princess Mascara to give them more volume. I applied some false lashes I got from Alliexpress with some Duo eyelash adhesive.





Last up, the glitter. I probably should have drawn out a shape with a white liner above my eyebrows because they aren’t even but it still worked out. I used some Glitter Tattoo Body Glue which I bought in a craft store. I did it piece by piece, so I had enough time to apply all the glitter. I started off with the very thin glitter you see in the bottom left of the picture. I started with the white one and slowly went in with a mixture of purple and green. I applied the glue with the applicator it came with and the glitter, I applied with a sponge applicator I had laying around from an essence palette or whatever. I then went in with the bigger glitter in the shades green, purple and silver (the 3 little bottles on the right). Lastly I applied some very fine white glitter from the store Action (you can get this at any craft store) to complete the look and fill up any gaps.

Oh and for lips I just used an Essence Lipliner in the shade 12 Wish Me a Rose. The Essence lipliners are amazing btw. They are creamy but matt and last for a pretty long time.

That’s it for this one. I hope you enjoyed and until the next one.

Lots of love,



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