New Essence Products Review

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

A while ago, I posted about the new Catrice Cosmetics products and my thoughts about them. So I thought I could do the same thing with the new Essence products. Before I get into them, I just want to say, I did my research before skipping to my drugstore and picking up the products. This way I knew almost exactly what I wanted to get. There are still some products I didn’t get, because they were sold out. But I still want to try them out, so there might be a part two of this in the future. Some products I didn’t get because I didn’t like them from their first swatch and decided to not waste my money on them, for example: the highlighting stick. But without further ado, let’s get started.


I’m going to start off with probably the most exciting product of them all: the Essence My Must Haves Palette. This is a palette you can completely customize. You can choose between a palette for 4 or for 8 shades. When it comes to the refills, you can choose from 4 lip refills (one of them is a base and 3 of them are lip powders), 20 eyeshadows (some matt, some metallic, some glittery, some just shimmery), 8 face powders (one fixing powder, one bronzing powder, one highlighter, two matt blushes and three satin blushes).

I basically went to the counter and picked out all the shades I was most excited to try. I definitely want to try all, but one palette of 8 shades is already almost 20 bucks so I decided I’d stick with these 8 colours for now. I picked out 6 eyeshadows, one satin blush and one matt blush. Starting with the eyeshadows: the first shade is a greyish taupe purple colour. This colour really intrigues me. It’s called 19 Steel The Show and I get where they are coming from. You can use this shade as a transition shade in the crease or a lid shade. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Moving on to the shade next to it, my favourite shade out of this palette. It’s a beautiful burgundy red purple shade. It’s extremely pigmented and called 18 Black As A Berry. I am in love with this shadow and it goes with every shade in this palette which is awesome. Next is the bright royal blue colour. This one is called 16 Dare To Wear. When I first saw these palettes appear on Essence’s Instagram, this was the shade that stood out to me the most so I knew I had to have it. Once I got it and swatched it, it kind of disappointed me. It’s a matt blue but it’s not as pigmented as I would like it to be. It’s definitely buildable, which is nice. I have used it a bunch since buying it so it is a pretty good eyeshadow, you just need to be patient with building up the pigmentation. The fourth shade is called, wait for it… 06 Raspberry Frosting. I don’t know why, but I love this name and it goes so well with this shade. It’s a really pretty pink shimmering eyeshadow. If you want the glitter and shimmer to pay off, you need to use a wet brush and when you do, it’s magical. I never thought I’d love a pink glitter eyeshadow so much but I guess everybody has that Barbie Girl hidden in them somewhere. The fifth shade is another one of my favourites. It’s called 12 Want a Mint? Which is so funny to me. It’s a beautiful highlighting shade or eyelid shade. It’s really pigmented and blends out perfectly. For this one you don’t need to wet your brush, it’s pigmented enough on its own. The last eyeshadow shade is called 11 Stay In Coral Bay and is a pretty orange coral shade. This one is again, very pigmented and blends very easily. I’ve already used this as an inner corner highlighter, an eyelid shade and a transition shade in my crease. It’s really versatile and really pretty.

Moving on to the two blush shades. The frist one is a matt blush called 01 It’s Berry Time. It’s a pretty rich cold pink shade and is really pigmented. The second one is a satin blush called 01 Coral Dream, which is a pretty orange coral shade. I love both of these, they are pigmented, easy to blend and I love that one of them is cold and the other is warm. Overall I’m in love with this palette.






Let’s get into more eyeproducts, starting off with the Hi! Lighting Eyeshadow Mouse in the shade 02 Hi! Peaches. I honestly did not know what to expect from this one. I swatched it imidiatly thinking it would work like the liquid eyeshadow I got from Catrice but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This product says you need to apply and blend in with your finger or a brush. I tried both techniques on my hand and didn’t like the result of any. I tried setting it with an eyeshadow and again didn’t like the look of it. Then, I started thinking: it’s a mouse, it doesn’t dry, it’s smooth and it’s a highlighter… so I used it as a liquid highlighter and I imidiatly fell in love with it. I really love the colour. It’s pink and orange at the same time. Now I’m guessing the makes of this product probably wanted me to use this as an innercorner highlighter but like I said I really didn’t like it. I do really recommend it as a cheekbone highlighter. It’s smooth, easy to apply and a very subtle shade. What’s not to love. So Essence should basically call it just a mouse highlighter and be done with it.


Let’s get into a product I really loath. I kind of hate that I hate this product because I really wanted to like it. I’m talking about the Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara. This one disappointed me BIG time. I am very furmiliar with the original lash princess with the orange lettering and it’s just a volume mascara and it’s amazing. I’m also furmiliar with her sister which was a lengthening mascara with green lettering which I disliked because the wand would pick up to much product. And now with their third little sister, it’s the same problem. I don’t know what’s happening to Catrice and Essence mascaras but I’m not liking it. This wand picks up way to much product for my thin and small amount of lashes. They clump together and look like spider legs if I don’t comb them out with a clean wand. I really dislike this product. I wanted to try out their other two new mascaras but this one scared me off a bit. So if I’m going to try them out, it would be in a part two of this post.

Now getting into a product I love with all my heart: the Cushion Eyeliner. I already have a soft spot for Essence eyeliners and this one proved my point. This is basically a cushion in a pot filled with liquid liner. The liner itself is really black and I mean REALLY black. Not green-black or blue-black or purple-black, NO, really black-black. Another thing I love about it, it dries really fast and matt. I love using this one for a winged liner. I know Essence also came out with a new eyeliner brush and I’m dying to try it out with this eyeliner. It really looks promising.





Getting into face products, I got the Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer. I expected great things from this one. I expected my Catrice Waterproof Concealer but cheaper. Sadly, it wasn’t ment to be. This concealer just doesn’t work. The shade is actually perfect (05 Ivory) but it just disappears when I’m blending it into my foundation. It doesn’t matter if I use a brush, my finger or my beauty sponge, the product won’t stay on my face. I tried it as a spot concealer, it didn’t work. I tried it as an under eye concealer, it definitely didn’t work. I just don’t seem to get it to work so this one is a NO BUY for me.




The next face product is a very confusing one. It’s the Prismatic Rainbow Glow Highlighter. I was really excited to get this product and try it out. I had already seen so many good thing about it on Essence’s Instagram. At first I was confused. The highlighter was pigmented when I swatched each colour individually but when I swatched them all together it didn’t show up at all. I then tried it on my cheekbones and still felt like it wasn’t working. I had honestly given up on this one until I tried out a look where I just wanted to use Essence products and I grabbed all the new products I got and I used the blue colour as my inner corner highlight and got obsessed. I then convinced myself to try it out as a face highlighter again and suddenly all my unicorn dreams came true. I did apply a heavy amount but I was glowing to the moon and back. Since then, I’ve fallen in love and I’m never letting go of this highlighter ever again.

Last up are the lip products. Essence came out with a bunch of new lip products and it was really hard for me to choose but I picked out four. The first one (I later realised) is from one of their limited edition lines called Glitter In The Air. It’s a Velvet Lipstick called 01 Life Is Too Short For Boring Lipstick. This name makes me laugh every time. They actually had two shades, one bright pink and one ash purple. I obviously went with the purple. I love the packaging of this, it looks really pretty and the best of all, I love the shape of the lipstick bullet, very geometrical. So cool! It does make it a bit harder to apply the lipstick but it’s pretty awesome. The shade is matt which makes it very drying for my lips. It’s surprisingly a shade I’d wear for everyday even though it’s purple, I still feel like it’s a nude purple. Maybe that’s just because of my skin tone or my natural lip colour but I love wearing this for everyday with a simple eye look.

The next lipstick is a lot less everyday appropriate but still very cool. Essence came out with a new lipstick line called Metal Shock lipsticks and I got the shade 07 Venom. This one reminds me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid or the Evil Queen from Snow White or Poison Ivy from Battman (that’s an obvious one, I know). This lipstick is amazing. Yes, this is a green shade but they do have more everyday appropriate shades like a pink and a red but also a blue and a purple. The concistancy of this lipstick is amazing and very unexpected. I thought it would be very though and glittery but it’s actually very smooth and metallic. You only need one swipe and that’s it. It’s super pigmented. I love this one. Sticking to the theme green, I also picked up one of their new Matt Matt Matt Vibrant Shock lipsticks in the shade 10 No To Mainstream. It does need about three coats before the colour is completely opaege. The colour is a blue-green and very matt as the name says. I do recommend this lipstick. They also came out with two purple shades, those are probably more nude looking but I still am in love with this one.

The last product in this post is another favourite and is called Ultra Last Lip liner 05 Rosewood High. I’m guessing they mean the town from Pretty Little Liars but I don’t want to create high expectations. I am in love with this shade. This is the perfect nude shade. It’s a beautiful rosy nude pink, it’s an extremely smooth liner, it’s long-lasting and it’s completely matt. I adore this lip liner, it’s my everyday go to.

That’s it for this one. I hope you enjoyed ant until the next one.

Lots of love,



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