What I got for my birthday

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

As I promised in my last post, I’m going to share the gifts I got for my birthday with you guys. Small disclaimer: I’m definitely not doing this to brag or anything like that! I myself love reading posts like this and watching videos on YouTube about this because it gives me inspiration what to ask for my birthday or any other gift holiday. I’m pretty bad at making wish lists so those posts and videos help me with that. I’m also really grateful for the gifts I got! I honestly feel blest with having such amazing friends and family! This is basically a thankyou note to them for making me feel like a princess on my birthday so thanks guys.




First up, are the gifts I got from my twin brother. Yes, I have a twin brother. No, we don’t look alike. No, I have no clue what he’s thinking or feeling. We’re just two people born on the same day and we love it. The first gift he gave me, was a Lush Bath bomb called Frozen. If you’ve lived under a rock, you might not know that this is named after a Disney movie, one of my favourites actually. So this gift was perfect for me. It has 2 shades of blue and glitter in it. I have already used it, because I couldn’t hold my excitement. It smells like roses and grapefruit, very fresh. The glitter looks just like Elsa’s powers in the movie, very glittery and flowy. I adore this bath bomb. I even took a picture after I let the water run out and the glitter looked so cool.The second gift he gave me was one of my favourite movies: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’ve been a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn since I can remember and this movie is great. I already have a pretty big dvd collection but this one wasn’t in it just yet. This was a pretty perfect gift for me because I love getting good movies on dvd.

Moving on to the gift I got from my older brother. This was a huge surprise to me. I really didn’t saw this coming. I’ve wanted this for so long and he bought it for me, I’m such a lucky girl. It’s an Fujifilm Instax Wide 300. It’s really big but so cute. He also gave me some film, of course. And some batteries but it actually came with some. It also comes with a small piece you can use to take selfies with which is so cool. This camera does take bigger pictures then a normal Fujifilm Polaroid but they look so cool. I’m absolutely in love with this camera!

Next up, I got some presents from my friends. The first one being a bottle of Martini. Yes, I drink. I’m allowed and I love Martini. I didn’t take a picture of it because I do not support alcohol abuse by minors or adults. The second presents where these small perfumes. These are so cute and perfect for on the go or travelling. They are both from the brand The Master Perfumes. The first one is called Amber and has a very fresh scent of peach, Jazmin and amber. I really like this for during the day. The second one is a more suitable scent for night time when going out to party or for dinner or something like that. It’s called Velvet Patchouli. It smells like roses, plum and patchouli. It’s a very strong scent but still very nice and wearable. They are both Eau De Toilettes so they don’t last as long as Eau De Perfume but they are absolutely perfect. I’m in love with the packaging and the scents and I needed a new on the go bottle anyway so it was perfect timing.

Last up, my parents’ presents. They gave me 3 beautiful gifts. Much more then I could’ve asked for really. Starting off with a book every makeup artist should own: Face Paint by Lisa Eldrige. I’ve wanted this book for a while and now I have it. It’s full with tips and tricks and information about makeup from the past and iconic looks. I’ve already read a couple pages and now I know why everybody speaks so highly of it, it’s basically awesome. The second gift, was this fake Stella McCartney clutch. Yes, it’s fake, but it’s perfect. I actually asked for a fake one because the real ones are so overpriced. It’s in a pretty off-white colour. It has the iconic chain strap. It has the envelope opening and it closes up with a zipper. Inside you get two small pockets for your phone and whatnot and another small zipper pocket and the general bag pocket. I was really surprised of how much stuff actually fits in here. It can’t hold my wallet together with a bottle of water but it can hold a bunch of stuff and it looks freaking adorable. Last up is this lightbox. I wrote the name of my blog on it, a little self-publicity is not a bad thing you know. This is so cool. I’ve always wanted something like this and now I have it. It actually stands on my night table next to my polaroid camera and my new Face Paint book. It’s so cool and the light is so bright. It comes with a bunch of letters and emoticons and you can use it with an USB cable or batteries. I chose the batteries because I don’t have an extra USB cable.

That’s it for this one. Again: I’m not doing this to brag or to make anybody jealous, I’m doing this because I’m grateful and I myself love reading posts like this. I hope you enjoyed and until the next one.

Lots of love,



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