Aliexpress Unboxing

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I recently ordered some stuff from the website Aliexpress. This site is basically the Chinese E-bay. I love it! You can buy a bunch of different products from a bunch of different buyers. Now, you do need to be careful who you buy from, some sellers cannot be trusted and sometimes payment information does get stolen from what I’ve heard. That has never happened to me personally though. The only problem I face, is the shipping takes a long time for some packages. I usually buy makeup brushes, jewellery, wigs and clothing. I’m not going to lie, I had 2 situations the product didn’t look the same like in the picture but the thing is, I try to pick out the cheapest price from the best buyer so it’s not a total loss of money if it does turn out to be a bad product. But without further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

img_20170213_1418451 img_20170213_1419361

img_20170213_1421051 img_20170213_1426541

First up is this Selfie Ring Light. I am obsessed! This one was so cheap, around 4 euros. It has 3 different light settings. It doesn’t come with batteries but I honestly don’t see a problem there. It’s exactly like the picture and does what it needs to do and I got it on ¼ of the price what more can you ask for…





The second package contained a bunch of makeup brushes. Like I said, I do like to buy makeup brushes from Alie but I do not use them as a professional set. I only use them on myself. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with buying makeup brushes from china. I just clean them before use, like I do with every new brush set. These where all purchased from the same seller and all came in the same package which I love.





img_20170213_1429381 img_20170213_1430041

The first one is this thick stippling brush I guess you can call it. It actually came with a protection over it, which I appreciated. I love the colours, white and gold. I can say, I already tried it out and it absorbs a lot of product so cleaning it after every use is a must. That’s probably the only thing I don’t like about it. It applied my foundation perfectly and it’s a very soft brush.





Next up is my favourite brush of the moment. It’s a pointed powder brush. This one is so extremely soft and applies powder perfectly. You can also use it as a blush brush or highlighter brush, it all works and applies beautifully with this brush. I highly recommend this one!







img_20170213_1431261 img_20170213_1431521

Moving on to this first set I got. I was kind of disappointed when I saw these, I thought they’d be bigger but I guess I could use them for travelling. These were all individually packaged which is rare for Aliexpress but very much appreciated. as you can tell, this set includes 6 face brushes and 5 eye brushes. They are also very soft, which is usual for Aliexpress brushes, and apply very well. I don’t have much to say about these, because I haven’t tried them all.



img_20170213_1433161 img_20170213_1433451

Last up is this rose gold brush set. These are all eyebrushes. This one reminded me of a Morphe brushes set and I have fallen in love with these. They were also all individually packaged, they look gorgeous with the gold and the black, they apply beautifully and are perfect. Another recommendation!


That’s it for this one. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you’d like links from any of the products I mentioned, let me now in the comments. Until the next one.


Lots of love,



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