My Pinup Punk Inspired Makeup Look Using Only Nyx Products

Hello, hello, beautiful people.

When I heard Nyx Cosmetics was going to do a competition for the opening of their new store in Hasselt I jumped on the wagon to make a pinup punk makeup look. I was so in love with the result, I decided to make a post out of it.


So this is the look. I am kind of proud of myself for getting on these fake lashes. Let’s get into the products I used.

Starting off with face products:

img_20170220_1521551 img_20170220_1519501

  1. I used the Nyx Shine Killer Primer mostly on my T-zone because that’s where my face likes to shine bright like a freakin diamond.
  2. At that point I realized I don’t own any Nyx foundations so I just went in with my HD Studio Photogenic Concealer in the shade 02 Fair. I applied that all over my face and used a beauty blender sponge to blend everything together.
  3. Another thing I realised, I don’t have any face powder from this brand so I set the concealer using 2 shades from the Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro palette. Shade 02 Soft Light I used all over and shade 03Cream I used under my eyes.
  4. From that same palette I used the shades 07 Sculpt and 06 Toffee to contour. And I used the shades 01 Ice Queen and 04 Nectar as highlighters on my cheeks, cupids bow, nose and above my eyebrows.
  5. And lastly I used a DIY Pizza Highlighter as my blush because I don’t own a nyx blush. Sad but true.

Getting into eyes and brows.

img_20170220_1506301 img_20170220_1519121

  • I used my everyday eyebrow palette and gel to do my eyebrows.
  • I used a piece of tape to get a more crisped eye shape.
  • As an eyeshadow base I used a Nyx Lid Lingerie Eye Tint in the shade 11 Nude To Me. I used this on the inner part of my lid.
  • I set that with a Nyx Pigment in the shade 18 Crazed, which is a beautiful purple pink colour.
  • On the outer part of my eyelid I used a Prismatic Eyeshadow in the shade 02 Punk heart to give it more of a dimension and to deepen up the colour I used a Nyx Hot Singles Eyeshadow in the shade 56 Enchanted.
  • As eyeliner I used a Nyx Liquid Suede cream lipstick. These dry up matt so they are perfect to use as an eyeliner. I used the shade 20 Oh, Put It On which is a dark purple.
  • I used a bit of mascara to make sure my lashes would fit in with the fakes ones. The ones I used are actually from Aliexpress. If you want a link, let me now. And I just used some Duo glue to make them stick.

Last up are my lips.

img_20170221_1600441 img_20170220_1518051

  1. I used a lip plumper, also from Aliexpress, to make them appear bigger. I find using red lipstick makes my lips look smaller somehow and let’s be honest, my lips aren’t big to start with.
  2. Anyhow, I used a dark red lip liner from Catrice to outline and I went in with a Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade 27 Madrid.



And that’s it. This is the look I created and I actually won but couldn’t find the time to make my way to the opening of the store sadly enough. I do hope you enjoyed and until the next one.

Lots of love,





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