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I recently ordered a package from the web shop This has been one of my favourite online stores when it comes to makeup and beauty. They have lots of brands to choose from and have regular sales and have great shipping deals. They actually gave me a card, saying thank you and yes, they do that every time. How cute is that? But without further ado, let’s get into the unboxing.

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My order was above 50 euros so I got to choose a little gift and I chose a spatula. These are really handy, this way you don’t have to go in a product with your fingers or brush, but you can work hygienically with a spatially without getting any bacteria from your brush into the product. I did already have one from Kryolan but I was already getting a second brush set so why not a second spatula.

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So I bought a new brush set. Yes, I did it. I know, I have a lot of brushes but this set is just going to be a second professional set. They are from Boozyshop Cosmetics and look absolutely stunning. Moving on to the actual set, I choose the Rose Gold 24 pc Deluxe Set. They also sell another one which I believe is called the Precision set. I liked this one more so went for this one. You can also get it in black and silver if you don’t like white and gold. The bag it comes with, is white as well and has the logo on it. I am obsessed with this one. I love cute makeup bags and this one is faux leather with a small zip-up pocket inside, it’s perfect.



As you can tell, all the brushes where individually packaged, which I highly appreciate. Two of them have a plastic protection cap as well. They also say on the brush what you can use them for or what brush it is. I separated the big ones from the small ones and photographed them for you guys.






So starting with the big ones from left to right I’ve got:


  • Fan brush 3500
  • Large precision powder 2200
  • Bronzer & Blush 2800
  • Tapered face 2400
  • Large round buffer 1550
  • Large flat contour 4300
  • Curved contour 4400
  • Tapered highlighter 3300
  • Powder blush 2600


Next up, the small ones, which are mainly eye brushes. From left to right I’ve got:


  1. Brow highlighter 8300
  2. Round conceal buffer 1200
  3. Angled shader 5300
  4. Large tapered blender 6500
  5. Blender 6000
  6. Fluffy blender 6700
  7. Pointed blender 6200
  8. Flat definer 5900
  9. Smudge 5600
  10. Short shader 5100
  11. Brow liner 8200
  12. Cat eyeliner 7500
  13. Pencil 5800
  14. Eyeliner 7100
  15. Precision shader 5050

I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I have cleaned them. I always clean new brushes, these did have a smell to them so it was even more important to clean them but I think the smell came from the bag they came in.

So that’s it for this one, I hope you enjoyed and if you already have this set or actually buy one, let me now. Until the next one.

Lots of love,



4 thoughts on “ Unboxing

    1. I’ve fallen in love with this set! The only thing I don’t like, and this might only be my set, but they tent to lose a lot of hair while washing them… but they apply beautifully and blend perfectly.


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