My 7 tips & tricks for a beginning makeup user

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I have a couple of tricks and tips to share with you guys about make-up in general. I thought this could be very helpful for people who just found their way to make-up and still don’t really have a clue what to do. So before further ado, let’s get into them.

Number one

HAVE FUN! This to me, is so important. Make-up is not a chore you have to do each day, it’s something that can help you express yourself. It’s supposed to be fun and experimental not boring and a must-do. Just remember that when you’re trying to do a winged liner or a perfect contour, have fun.

Number two

Use a clean canvas. Which means: have good skincare products. Before applying your makeup, make sure your skin is clean and you use a moisturizer/day cream that’s nourishing for your skin and doesn’t make you break out. Another crucial step is to make sure you clean your face thoroughly after a good full makeup day. Use products that are good for your skin and skin type and actually remove all the makeup you put on. Even if you didn’t wear any makeup that day, still clean it. It will make your skin feel happy and healthy.

Number three

Good equipment. Try to invest in good brushes and sponges, tools that work for you. I’m not saying you need to buy the most expensive brush set ever but do your research before buying new brushes. I’m not going to lie, I love buying fake beauty blenders from h&m and primark, which work perfectly fine btw, but they won’t last as long as the real thing. Same with brushes. On myself I don’t mind using cheap drugstore or aliexpress brushes but when I’m working on someone else, I like to use my more professional brush kit.

Number four

Clean equipment. I know this is a drag but it’s something that has to be done. Especially when you have a more acne prone skin. If you don’t clean your materials, then the acne is never going away because the bacteria are on your dirty brushes and sponges. So always make sure you clean your brushes at least once week!

Number five

If you don’t need it, don’t use is. Talking about foundation here. I’ve seen so many young girls and boys put on foundation on a perfect, no-blemish-visible, totally flawless skin and it just hurts my heart. Trust me, once you start using foundation, it’s hard to go back. If your skin has only a couple of blemishes or maybe some dark circles, just use some concealer and powder to set it and be done with it. I know how people like to say you need a perfect opaque base and all that but trust me if your skin already looks flawless, don’t get yourself involved with foundation.

Number six

Practice makes perfect. This is something a lot of people forget about. Some people think it’s just a natural thing you need to have but it’s not. There’s not a single person out there who didn’t practice their winged liner before getting the perfect technique. Same for brows. Try it, see what products and technique works for you and practice and perfect it. That’s what makes makeup fun. There are so many different eyebrow and liner products and techniques out there. You’ll find a bunch on YouTube. Pick one that works for you and make it your own.

Number seven

Blend, blend, blend! This might sound easy but it’s not, there’s something called ‘over blending’. This is another practice makes perfect kind of thing but I wanted it to have it’s own little section. Blending is such a crucial key when it comes to doing your makeup: you need to blend your foundation with your neck and hairline, you need to blend your highlight and contour into your foundation, you need to blend your eyeshadow,… if you want the most natural look, blending is key. Try to find good blending brushes or good blendable products and practice.

In short:

  1. Enjoy yourself
  2. Have a clean base to work on
  3. Get some good materials
  4. Use clean materials
  5. Don’t use products your skin doesn’t need
  6. Try it out. See what technique works for you and perfect it.
  7. Blending is key.

So that’s it for this one. I hope you enjoyed and maybe you learned something new. If you can think of some of your own tips and tricks, please mention them in the comments. Have a lovely day.

Lots of love,



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