My January Favourites

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I have a couple of items to share with you, items I adored and loved throughout the month of January. I have some fashion, beauty and a couple of lifestyle items to show. It’s a lot of stuff so let’s jump right into it.

Starting off with the fashion items, most of them are just shirts and blouses but I also got some jewellery items. I took pictures of all of them on and decided to make a slideshow of it. If you want to know more information about a piece, click on the image and you’ll find where I got it from. Enjoy.

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Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into beauty favourites.




In this picture you see all the eyeshadow palettes I’ve been obsessed with. All of them being limited edition, sorry about that but these are the ones I’ve been using not stop. The first one is the Essence The Little X-Mass Factory palette which has the name North Pole Express Delivery (so cute). It consists of 5 beautiful baked eyeshadows in a dripping form which are perfect for the holidays, 3 of them being neutral shades you can use for every day. The other small one is by Catrice Cosmetics Victorian Poetry palette called NostalCHIC. Inside you can find 6 long-lasting shades that are absolutely beautiful. First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. Secondly, the shades are all nimg_20170206_1124251eutral, match all together and have a velvety texture, which is all I want in a palette. The biggest palette is a little bit more expensive and has been a gift, it’s the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. This palette is amazing. For some of you all these bright colours might look a little scary but I love it. It contains 21 shades, most of them being bold brights and only one matte white. I’ve mostly used the top row with all the darker shades but I can’t wait to start experimenting more with this one. It’s absolutely stunning and all the shades have amazing pigment.


img_20170206_1900571img_20170207_1256121Next up are my favourite lippies. As you can tell 3 of them are from the brand NYX. If you want to know my opinion about those, go check out my January NYX Cosmetics Collective Haul. The fourth one is a Vivid Matte Liquid by Maybelline New York in the shade 50 Nude Thrill. I have to admit, the first time I tried it, I was very surprised. It smells like flan and feels velvety and soft on my lips. It doesn’t have a lot of staying powder but it’s a beautiful shade for my skin tone and that’s exactly why I love it so much.




img_20170206_1859461 img_20170206_1900291


Next up is the Nyx Higlight & Contour Pro Palette which I have mentioned and swatched in a previous post called January Nyx Cosmetics Collective Haul. And next to it a mini sample of the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I never really got into the Benefit Hype when it was happening but I saw the Benefit Advent Calendar with all their best sellers and I thought maybe this is a good start to try them out. Being honest here, I haven’t actually tried out all the products that came with the calendar but this was the item I was most excited about. And it didn’t let me down. This has been my go to bronzer, every time I went out and about. The shade is natural and beautiful on my skin and it blends perfectly. I can go on and on about this but let’s just say that I get the hype now.

img_20170206_1858511 img_20170206_1858321

These are my daily favourites. There are only 3 but all of them are the bomb. Starting off with the Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer in the shade 01 Nude Beige. I haven’t been using this for that long but ever since the first time, I’ve been adoring it. It does exactly what I want: prime my eyelids. My eyeshadow stays on so well and it makes some eyeshadows look more pigmented. It’s the perfect eyeshadow primer. Next up is one of the Nyx eyeshadows in the shade 20 Glass Slipper, which I’ve mentioned and swatched in my previous post JanuaryNyx Cosmetics Collective Haul. I’ve been using this one as my inner corner highlighter and it looks absolutely stunning. Then my favourite foundation, the Rimmel London Match Perfection in the shade 010 Light Porcelain. This has been a small obsession of mine. The shade matches my skin tone perfectly, it gives an even coverage, it covers imperfections perfectly, it has SPF20, it’s weightless and overall makes my skin look natural. I never thought, such a cheap foundation would give everything I’d ever ask for but it does. I highly recommend this one if you don’t like heavy foundations.


Let’s get into hair products. Surprisingly I have some hair products I’ve been liking this month. It almost never happens but today is the day so let’s get into it. Starting off with a High Time Root Lift Mousse by H&M. This product surprised me. You basically apply the mouse on your roots in towel dry hair and then blow-dry. I’ve never had so much volume in my life after using this product. If you have dull, thin, straight hair like me, you’ll love this. Next one is another volume product by the brand Andrélon. It’s their Get The Volume Powder. You sprinkle this on your roots, rub it in and voila: volume. It does feel a bit weird when doing it for the first time and it reminds me of a dry shampoo but it works and that’s all I need. Lastly, I got the Inecto Naturals Argan Hair Oil. This has been awesome for the lengths and ends of my hair. I apply it in towel dry hair and let it work its magic and the next my hair feels soft and isn’t dry anymore. It’s a miracle worker.


Last hair product is a mini straightener by the brand Ultron. Even though I’m not big on using heat on my hair, I do love this cute little straightener. It’s very compact and comes with its own pouch and was really inexpensive. The only thing I have a slight problem with, is that it doesn’t have any heat settings, it just has an on and off button. I mostly use it to straighten out my baby hairs around my hairline or to curl my hair.



img_20170207_1154111 img_20170206_1119321

Next up: some lifestyle products. The first item is a unicorn portable phone charger. I got this as a present and I love it. It’s huge and heavy but cute af. The little cable it came with, didn’t work so I just use my own phone charger cable. Another problem I have with it, is that it doesn’t charge my full battery, just enough to be able to work img_20170206_1859191with it but I don’t really mind. Two other lifestyle products are my two favourite scents of the moment. One is a Zara Perfume called Rose Gold and as you can see, I’ve been using it a lot. It smells like fresh flowers, a bit strong, but I love it and it was super cheap. Lastly, a body splash from H&M in the scent Peach, which is my favourite fruit scent. I haven’t been using it a lot but I love to spray it in my hair. It’s a super fresh and fruity scent and reminds me of the summer. And the very last product are these BOOM! Gunpowder Toothy Tabs from Lush. Throughout December and January, Lush has been my favourite store to visit. I used to hate the smell that hung there but now I love it. These tooth tabs are amazing, weird at first but now I’ve gotten used to them and love them and this bottle is taking me over 2 months already. There are 50 tabs in it and I’ve got maybe 15 left but still it took longer than expected. They work really well and the taste is not bad and they should whiten your teeth, that’s a plus.

That’s it for this one. I hope you enjoyed and it wasn’t too long. Until the next one.

Lots of love,



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