How I clean my brushes and sponges

Hello, hello, beautiful people,

I thought today was the best day to show you guys how I clean my brushes and sponges/beauty blender. I had everything ready to clean them so why not take pictures and make a blog post about it. So before further ado, let’s get to cleaning!


These are all the things I use to clean my brushes:

  1. A wooden cutting board I stole from my mom’s kitchen with three elastics wrapped around the top. These elastics are mend to put your brushes through after cleaning them so they can dry properly.
  2. A towel to put the cutting board and your sponges on so they can dry without making any surface wet.
  3. Dirty brushes and sponges ‘cause that’s what we’re here for.
  4. A bar of soap as a cleanser
  5. Dishwasher soap as another cleanser
  6. And lastly some olive oil as a conditioner for your hard brushes.


Starting off with my beautiful fake beauty blender I got from h&m. For this beauty I like to use the bar of soap I mentioned before. I basically get my sponge wet and then I start rubbing it over the bar of soap until all the dirt comes of and out. Trust me, this works every time, even if I left it dirty for weeks. This simple bar of soap, which can be any brand or price btw, gets your sponges as clean as they were when you just bought them. Check out that before and after, isn’t that just awesome. I’ve been doing this for years now and I still strongly believe that this is the perfect cleanser for any makeup tool.

textgram_14861295501 textgram_14861282441

Next up is this fluffy brush I like to use for contouring or foundation or blush or… For this one I used the dishwasher soap, any kind will do. I just dip it into the soap rub it on my hand for a while until the foam turns white. Then I dip it into the olive oil and rub it over my hand again, making sure it’s really clean. I rinse it so all the soap and olive oil is out, squeeze excess water out and voila. As you can see from the before and after picture, it does the job perfectly.

textgram_14861313811 textgram_14861283661

Another technique is washing your brushes with the bar of soap as well. For this one, I used a fluffy fan brush which had 2 different colours of highlighter in it and trust me, it was really dirty. So just like with the sponge, I wet the brush, rub it over the soap until and the running water until the foam turns clear and dip it into the olive oil for a quick conditioning of the brush. I rinse the soap and the oil out of the brush and I’m done. I absolutely adore this brush and I don’t know why but seeing it clean gives me such a rush. I know, I’m weird.


Last step is to put all the brushes onto the cutting board with the three elastics. It’s kind of hard to explain how so I’ll try and if it’s not clear, try looking at the picture. So I start of like this: the first brush I put through the first and the third elastic. The second brush, I put through the second elastic. The third brush I put through the first and third elastic again and just keep repeating those steps until there’s no more room for any more. Then make sure your cutting board is standing up straight onto a towel so the brushes can dry correctly.

That’s it for this one. I hop you enjoyed and until the next one beautys.

Lots of love, Vero.


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