January NYX Cosmetics Collective Haul

Hello, hello, you beautiful people.

I have a beauty haul in store for you today, more specifically of a brand named NYX. Since the NYX Store opened here in Antwerp, about a month ago, I’ve been obsessed with the products they’ve been selling. You could say I’ve visited the store about once a week since it opened. My bank account didn’t really agree with my purchases but I couldn’t help myself. So before this post gets way to long, here’s a quick glance at all the products I’ve bought or got gifted this past month. As you can see, it’s a lot of stuff so let’s jump right into it.

img_20170131_1546291 textgram_14858757861

Let’s start with the lip products I’ve purchased and oh my, I have a lot to show you. First up are the Lingerie liquid lipsticks. As you can see, I have 7 different shades and believe it or not, they actually smell like flan and it’s awesome. These lipsticks might be a little drying, like most liquid lipsticks, but they just look so natural on the lips and in a way feel natural too. I have to say that with some of the colours I had to reapply during the day after eating and drinking, but let’s be honest if we just stop eating and drinking, all of our lipsticks will look flawless all day long. My favourite colour of this bunch would be number 4 Ruffle Trim. It’s just such a beautiful colour. I love the intensity and the way it looks on my lips. It’s a warm, almost orange shade but somehow I’ve fallen for it. I also love how NYX includes every skin tone in their collection. If you look at the lipsticks or the foundation, you’ll see that you can find a product for every skin-color out there and I love it. Me as a make-up artist, finds it hard to find good and decent priced products for a darker skin tone but not anymore thanks to this brand.

img_20170131_1546551 textgram_14858760511

Let’s move on to these liquid lipsticks. These are the liquid suede cream lipsticks and one of the cosmic metal lip creams as well. To be honest, I haven’t really tried them. They are not the most natural looking colours but I do like what I’ve seen. The suede lipsticks actually dry matt and are surprisingly hard to remove. If you go to the store, you’ll see that NYX has a whole range of different colours to choose from, trust me it was hard to choose but I picked up these 3, not realizing that they sell them in a pack of 3, stupid me, but whatever. I still am very in love with all 3 colours especially the darkest one. When it comes to the cosmic metal lip cream, I have to say I was very surprised about the pigmentation and the texture. It basically feels like a gloss but stays on longer and has better pigmentation. I bought this for a specific look in mind and it was exactly what I was looking for. NYX also has a bunch of different colours that I can’t wait to buy and try out.

textgram_14858771471 textgram_14858763931

The last couple of lip products that I got, are these beauty’s. These are the Soft Matte Lip Creams. I am absolutely obsessed with these. They have amazing staying power, if you don’t eat or drink all day, and they look beautiful on anybody. Nyx sells a different range of colours and every colour has been named after a city, which makes these lippies even more special to me. My favourite is Budapest. It’s a cool toned darker shade red, but absolutely beautiful. And lastly I got a extra creamy lipstick, which has been my new favourite go to lipstick. It’s extremely creamy and pink and looks like my natural lip colour but obviously better. I do have to reapply during the day, but I honestly don’t mind, I’m in love with it.

textgram_14858769721 textgram_14858766651

I’m finally done talking about lipsticks and all that, let’s get into the eyeshadows I bought. As you can tell, I didn’t buy a crap ton but I love each and every eyeshadow I got. In this small period of time, they’ve all become my favourite. My absolute favourite is Glass Slipper. It’s a beautiful highlighting colour, I’ve been using it every day since my purchase of it. All the single eyeshadows are nice and creamy and they don’t give much fall out which is definitely a plus. I also got a lid Lingerie Eye Tint. I haven’t actually used it, just swatched it in store but it did feel nice and I thing with a nice shadow over it to set, it would be the perfect base for a nice nude eye look. Lastly I got a face and body glitter. I’ve been looking for this one for a while. I saw that Inglot had almost the exact same one but this one was just cheaper and beautiful. You do need to have a sticky base on before you can apply it which NYX does sell but I haven’t gotten around yet to buying it, maybe in my next haul.

textgram_14858768001 textgram_14858752351

Next up is this beautiful highlight and contour pro palette that I got for Christmas from my parents. This is the powder version but they do sell a cream version of this. I have been using this every time I go for a night out. It has the perfect shades for my skin tone but the fun thing about this palette is, is that you can switch the colours in it. So let’s say I’d like a different highlighter, I’d just go to the store, pick up the one I want and switch it with one of these. I have to say that these are so creamy and pigmented, it really surprised me. Especially the last contour shade. Another item in this picture is one of the setting sprays NYX sells. I picked up the Matte Finish spray which should be long lasting, lightweight, matte and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, which it is by the way. It definitely makes my makeup last long throughout the day and leaves me less shiny.


The very last couple of items I got are face products. I got a primer called the Shine Killer which should help with excess oil and should leave the skin matt. I have used it and the texture reminds me of the Benefit Porefesional primer. It looks like a clear gel but has a very velvety feeling which I love. You don’t need much, maybe a pea size amount to cover your whole face and it does look matt when applied. Next up is a full coverage concealer in the colour orange. As you can see, I haven’t used it and don’t plan to. Orange concealers are very good for darker skin tones but not for my skin tone. Last up is the HD Studio Photogenic concealer in the colour number 2 Fair. I have been using this everyday as under eye concealer and it definitely covers up the darkness underneath my eyes. The only thing that bothers me is the smell. It smells like plastic and I hate it, but it does the job and maybe it’s just mine that smells, who knows.


That’s it for this one you beauty’s. I hope you enjoyed and until the next one.

Lots of love, Vero.


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